Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oh hi there

Gosh, I am really terrible at blogging consistently. It has been a while since my last post, so that means I have lots of updates! A week or so after Jonathan and I made our coffee table and chairs, the in-laws came to town! My new mother/father/sister-in law came to stay with us in Seattle for a couple of days. Jonathan and his dad both raced in a half ironman on August 15th, so they made a little vacation out of it. Luckily our new couch cover came like 2 hours before they got to the house, so everything finally came together! I LOVE it! (I will post pictures of it soon) It was quite the ordeal to get a new cover for our couch since Ikea discontinued our model. We ended up getting a custom one from Australia... totally worth it!
Speaking of Ikea, while Jonathan's family was in town the girls took a day trip to the one in Renton. My loverly mother-in-law bought us some new plain white curtains, which look SO much better than the green ones we had, and I purchased this poster:
pretty awesome for ikea, right?! It is actually pretty huge in size, so I haven't hung it up yet. But I will post pictures of that too when we hang it up.
I am constantly on the search for more art for our walls, and lately I have been hooked on typographic prints. The Ikea one is the first one I have actually purchased, but I have many prospects. I think it is really easy to go overboard with them so I am trying to be selective, but I am left wishing for more wall space so I can have them ALL! Here are a few of my favs...
These first 2 are from Ork Posters. I saw the Seattle neighborhoods one last year, and I have been wanting it ever since. He makes these posters for a few other cities, and one for the brain and the heart. I think they are charming....

this next one is from Friends of Type. Each word was designed by a different member of their design team, and then letter pressed. I love the playfulness of the fonts, and I love the message.

This one is from Village. I first saw this one years ago on the cover of Domino Magazine and have recently rediscovered it. I want it. I wonder if its too pink for Jonathan?

And, on top of those I already have this poster:
I just don't know where to draw the line... hmmm...

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