Thursday, August 26, 2010

I think I am going through an identity crisis. Partly because I recently changed my name, and I don't really feel like a "Shotts" anymore, but I also don't feel like a "Flint" yet. Also I am someone who changes with the seasons, and as summer slips through my fingers and fall approaches I can feel the change within me coming. Fall is the most inspiring season to me. Maybe it's because the sun isn't drawing me to be outside lounging, and I get more time to brainstorm and create. This excites me. My current job is coming to an end in November. And as sad as I will be to say "goodbye" to the family I have nannied for for 2 years, I am excited for whatever the future holds. All of this change is also terrifying. I need to figure out who in the hell I am, or who I want to be so I can take the right path... oh geez... adulthood is so not what I thought it would be like...
So here is to inspiration, and change! {and comfy sweaters and red lipstick :)}
{images from a glamorous little side project}

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  1. Girl, if it makes you feel ANY better - I am in the exact same boat :( jobless, friendless in a new city... its rough!