Sunday, August 8, 2010

DIY City!

So, Jonathan and I have been hard at work this past week. I think I have interior design ADD. I am constantly changing things in our home. Whether it is re-arranging pictures on the wall, or sanding down and painting a piece of furniture, I need change like every 6 weeks. Poor Jonathan... If it were up to him all we would have in our house is a couch, a tv, and a bed. Good thing he has a wife like me to keep him updated :).
Anyways, our latest projects have been to re-cover and paint two arm chairs in the living room, and to make our own coffee table and get rid of the ikea one that was literally falling apart. I'll start with the chairs...
These two chairs are actually part of the dining table set we bought last year, but we have been using them as side chairs in the living room. I hated that they looked so boring, and they had that vinyl seat cover that just wasn't appropriate for the living room. So, instead of spending $400 to replace them, we decided to roll up our sleeves and be pro-active...
(just imagine it with arms, I forgot to take a true "before pic")

Pretty cute, right?! I was pretty impressed with us. It was my first experience with recovering any piece of furniture. I didn't do any research on how to properly do it, so I improvised... with a hot glue gun. Haha! Don't tell anyone, ok?

And now for the coffee table! Jonathan and I have been in need of a new coffee table for about a year now. Our Ikea one had no life left in it. It leaned, had water spots all over it, and had TONS of scratches in it. It was no bueno. I could not find a single coffee table for sale ANYWHERE that I wanted to spend money on. After some discouragement, we decided that we could just make our own. We didn't have a strict plan, so we just went to the REstore and waited to be inspired. We found the window section, and our light bulb lit up! We found a wood paned window that was the right size and look, and took it home with us. I knew immediately that it would look awesome with some hairpin legs, and I knew just where to get them..., of course :) Now for the results...

And there you have it! I am pretty pleased with how everything turned out. Now, I want to replace the curtains with just some plain white ones, and our new custom couch cover is coming the the mail next week (fingers crossed!). After that, I should be good to go for another 6 weeks...
hope you have a great Sunday!


  1. Loooooooooooooooooooooove everything. but especially those chairs.