Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween!

my favorite costume EVER was when i went as Batgirl.

i used to watch the 1960's batman tv series at my Nana's house when she babysat me. i would hope and pray to see her batgirl cycle roll across the screen in the opening sequence. that's when i knew it would be an episode with her in it. man, that was a great show. i also had a huge crush on robin. wasn't he dreamy?


tune in next time at the same bat-time, same bat-channel!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


i fell head-over-heels for this adorable dessert. pie?! in a jar?! yes, please! bleubirdvintage is some kind of genius, and i am glad to reap the benefits of it. i will most definitely be making some trial runs of these guys. i'm thinking peach, or maybe apple... jonathan is so lucky to have me :).
maybe if these go well, and prove to be cost effective we could use them as wedding favors. it could be super cute to create some labels with one of our engagement photos. or maybe cute little tags tied on with twine. or maybe cover the lids with fabric. the possibilities are endless!

if you would like to try it yourself, you can check out the recipe here.

flower puff things!

so, i found this do-it-yourself tutorial on how to make these cute little guys here. right now our house seems very brown to me, and i was looking for an inexpensive way to add some color. they are so easy to make, and kind of addictive. i have made about a million of them (slight exaggeration), so now i am finding ways to put them to use.
the most obvious to me was to glue them to fabric floral stems and make flowers:

but i suppose you could also make christmas ornaments, use them in gift wrapping, bunting, and apparently they make great cat toys...

i know this because the other morning i found tiny little pieces of string all over the bedroom floor. i guess they dug one out of my yarn box and completely obliterated it. they are crafty little hellions.

i think next i will try to make a brooch or a necklace with the fuzz balls and maybe mix in some feathers or some vintage pins i have stored away. we shall see...

i think i like these guys enough to incorporate them into the wedding. maybe a fresh flower alternative? or have them displayed in a big glass vase? or maybe make a garland out of them? i just don't know yet...


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

so, i guess i'm a blogger

welp, i never thought i would see the day when i would have a blog of my very own. i have been so addicted to the blog world lately, and i wanted a place to put all of the loverly things i have found, and add a few bits of my own. i guess this blog will mostly be about my wedding. well, OUR wedding, sorry jonathan... love you. but there will probably be a few random artsy craftsy things on here as well.
ok, thats alls i gots. thanks for stopping by, and i will leave you an inspiration board i created for our wedding on