Saturday, May 7, 2011


I love my mom. Sometimes I don't think I tell her that enough, but I know that she knows. It's funny thinking about how much our relationship has changed over these past 25 years. She went from being my creator to my sole source of nourishment, my teacher (literally she was my 6th grade teacher) to my arch nemesis. I am pretty sure we fought every morning before school my freshman through junior year of high school. After I moved to college I learned to appreciate her for all she was trying to do for my in those 3 years. I got to see her in a whole new light, and she became my best friend. I know it sounds dorky to have your mom as your best friend, I mean I know she has to love me, but my mom is awesome.
My mom is extremely smart, has the most caring heart in the world, and is kind of a hottie (see exhibits A and B). I have those moments, like I'm sure most women do, where I say something or make some sort of facial expression and I immediately know that it was EXACTLY something my mom would do, but instead of cringing I am kind of relieved. I hope for my future children's sake that I turn out as good as my mom did. I LOVE YOU MOMMA!

Exhibit A: Classy Momma

Exhibit B: Sexy Momma dancing in "Chicago", the musical.