Thursday, February 25, 2010

long time no see...

holy moses, i feel like i am in the middle of the never ending week! all work and no play for this girly...
the save the dates are finished!!!!! jonathan and i stuffed and addressed them ALL, and now all that is left to do is put them in the mail. i think you're supposed to send those guys out somewhere between 4 and 6 months from the wedding, and tomorrow (the 26th) will be exactly 4 months. that's good, right? i would put up the finished product, but i kind of want them to be a surprise to the people receiving them. i will probably put up a picture next week, if i remember... ha.
so now that those are out of the way, it's time to work on the actual invitations! i am really excited about them! i have some ideas, and hopefully i can start playing around with them next weekend. here are some of my ispirations...

{via Ello There's etsy shop}

{via She&Him's website}

and, these aren't really an option, but i think they are soooooooo cute!
{via Ello There's etsy shop}

so there you have it. can you see my vision??? yeah, its actually not that clear to me either. which is why i am so excited to start fiddling with it!
well, have a wonderful evening, or day, or morning, or whatever. i am going to watch some women's figure skating and then hit the sack, nighty night!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

DIY cake stands...

i love cake stands. i am always perusing for vintage and unique ones, and a couple of months ago i was inspired to make my own. i came across Style Gardens etsy site and saw her hand made cakes plates. after closer inspection i thought to myself, "hey, i could do that," and i did! all it takes to make an adorable cake stand is some plates, any size will do, epoxy (found at any hardware store), and some candlesticks and/or some vases. honestly, anything with a wide base will do. you just want to make sure the base is big enough to support the plate without it easily tipping over. i found all of my supplies at the local goodwill and spent a total of about $12.00 on 10 plates and 4 candlesticks (there weren't many candlesticks to choose from, and i didn't have the patience to even attempt to sort through all the vases and jars).

it's pretty self explanatory, but just to be clear i will tell you how i made mine.

Step 1: Get plates, candlesticks, and epoxy.

Step 2: Clean plate and candlestick, focusing on places where you will attach the two. Make sure they are completely dry before applying epoxy.

Step 3: You can use a ruler to find the center, but i just kinda eyeballed it... i'm not patient. but however you do it, it's nice to mark the center with a sharpie as a reference.

Step 4: Follow the instructions on the back of the epoxy to activate it.

Step 5: Use a popsicle stick or a q-tip (without the fuzzy part) to apply the epoxy to both surfaces you will be attaching.

Step 6: Place the new cake stand upside-down to dry. Depending on the epoxy it could take anywhere from 6 - 24 hours to dry.

Step 7: After the epoxy has set, voila! you have a new adorable cake stand!

Step 8: Bake something delicious to put on your new cake stand. Then eat it!

Here are my creations:

i found these super cute birds nest saucers. perfect size for a top tier!

and in honor of valentines day, i made cake pops with red candy hearts! this was highly experimental, but i think they are charming.
oh, and i got that cute card in the mail from my cute friend Emma!


if you can't be with the one you love, honey.
love the one you're with.

Monday, February 1, 2010

yummy pretty cakes...

i've got cake on the brain! just researching this topic makes my mouth water. jonathan and i aren't doing a traditional cake, but are creating a whole dessert spread instead. we want tons of variety, and good 'ole homemade goodness. dessert is our favorite meal, and we feel we should just totally indulge at our wedding. after all, i will need some sweet rewards after all of my wedding diet madness (which i keep putting off and haven't started yet...).

even though we wont have the full multi-tier wedding cake, we still want that experience of cutting the cake, and then saving a slice for our one-year anniversary (even though it sounds kind of gross, i like the nostalgia of it). so our plan is to have what would be the top tier or two of a traditional cake on a cake-stand, and then put cupcakes or cakeballs below it.

i just came across this loverly image of a cake table with vintage cake toppers on each of the individual cakes. i love love love that yellow cake with the white draping! LOVE.

after seeing how cute that yellow cake was, i kind of fixated myself on it and found a few more beautiful yellow cakes...

{unknown source}

i also think that the cake stand is very important. i have been searching for some vintage milk glass ones, and i am planning on making a few of my own from plates and candlesticks. i bought some supplies from Goodwill to make some, but i just haven't gotten around to it. maybe i will do that tonight...

ok, enough cake talk. i need to go to the gym... bisous!