Monday, February 1, 2010

yummy pretty cakes...

i've got cake on the brain! just researching this topic makes my mouth water. jonathan and i aren't doing a traditional cake, but are creating a whole dessert spread instead. we want tons of variety, and good 'ole homemade goodness. dessert is our favorite meal, and we feel we should just totally indulge at our wedding. after all, i will need some sweet rewards after all of my wedding diet madness (which i keep putting off and haven't started yet...).

even though we wont have the full multi-tier wedding cake, we still want that experience of cutting the cake, and then saving a slice for our one-year anniversary (even though it sounds kind of gross, i like the nostalgia of it). so our plan is to have what would be the top tier or two of a traditional cake on a cake-stand, and then put cupcakes or cakeballs below it.

i just came across this loverly image of a cake table with vintage cake toppers on each of the individual cakes. i love love love that yellow cake with the white draping! LOVE.

after seeing how cute that yellow cake was, i kind of fixated myself on it and found a few more beautiful yellow cakes...

{unknown source}

i also think that the cake stand is very important. i have been searching for some vintage milk glass ones, and i am planning on making a few of my own from plates and candlesticks. i bought some supplies from Goodwill to make some, but i just haven't gotten around to it. maybe i will do that tonight...

ok, enough cake talk. i need to go to the gym... bisous!

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