Thursday, February 11, 2010

DIY cake stands...

i love cake stands. i am always perusing for vintage and unique ones, and a couple of months ago i was inspired to make my own. i came across Style Gardens etsy site and saw her hand made cakes plates. after closer inspection i thought to myself, "hey, i could do that," and i did! all it takes to make an adorable cake stand is some plates, any size will do, epoxy (found at any hardware store), and some candlesticks and/or some vases. honestly, anything with a wide base will do. you just want to make sure the base is big enough to support the plate without it easily tipping over. i found all of my supplies at the local goodwill and spent a total of about $12.00 on 10 plates and 4 candlesticks (there weren't many candlesticks to choose from, and i didn't have the patience to even attempt to sort through all the vases and jars).

it's pretty self explanatory, but just to be clear i will tell you how i made mine.

Step 1: Get plates, candlesticks, and epoxy.

Step 2: Clean plate and candlestick, focusing on places where you will attach the two. Make sure they are completely dry before applying epoxy.

Step 3: You can use a ruler to find the center, but i just kinda eyeballed it... i'm not patient. but however you do it, it's nice to mark the center with a sharpie as a reference.

Step 4: Follow the instructions on the back of the epoxy to activate it.

Step 5: Use a popsicle stick or a q-tip (without the fuzzy part) to apply the epoxy to both surfaces you will be attaching.

Step 6: Place the new cake stand upside-down to dry. Depending on the epoxy it could take anywhere from 6 - 24 hours to dry.

Step 7: After the epoxy has set, voila! you have a new adorable cake stand!

Step 8: Bake something delicious to put on your new cake stand. Then eat it!

Here are my creations:

i found these super cute birds nest saucers. perfect size for a top tier!

and in honor of valentines day, i made cake pops with red candy hearts! this was highly experimental, but i think they are charming.
oh, and i got that cute card in the mail from my cute friend Emma!


if you can't be with the one you love, honey.
love the one you're with.

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  1. yay for your card! Hope you liked. I got WAY too carried away... bubba made fun of me :( ha. LOVE the cake stands! GET IT GIRL.