Sunday, July 11, 2010

well, we did it!

Oh my goodness, I can't believe that it is already the middle of July! Time has seriously flown by, and now I am a Mrs! I wonder when it stops being weird introducing myself as "Jonathan's wife," or "Meghan Flint." Hmmmm, not yet!
Anyways, our time in Oklahoma was wonderful. We got to stay for 2 weeks, and it went by so fast. I got there the Tuesday before the wedding, and it is all a blur now. Lots of last minute appointments, late nights making yarn pompoms, and planning flower arrangements. We did almost everything ourselves, and I am so glad we did. We did a lot of things in an untraditional manner, and I think we had to do it ourselves to do it right.
The wedding festivities started on Friday morning with the dress rehearsal. It went really well, except for the fact that I forgot to tell my Matron of Honor about it... oops, hehe. But she managed just fine at the wedding.
Later that night we had the Rehearsal Dinner. Jonathan's family, aka my in-laws, did such a wonderful job! It was at another historical mansion right down the street from the one we got married at, and the food was amazing! There was lots of booze, and food, and really lovely people. Bob, my father-in-law, had everyone come up with a 6 word statement before the dinner. The 6 word statements were supposed to be about love, or marriage, or Jonathan and I, or just some words of wisdom. After dinner we past a microphone around the room and everyone read their's aloud to us. It was awesome! Here are a few of my favs:
"The woman is always right. Always" - My Grandma
"Jonathan is awesome. Meghan is hot."- my new nephew, Price
"Scored a hot nurse, lucky girl"- Jonathan
"See, girls meet husbands in bars."- long time friend of mine, Julie
Anywho, here are some pics from the night:
Jonathan and my brother

Dad, mom, me and husband :)
me and my bridesmaids

bride and groom, isn't he cute?!

After the rehearsal dinner, we went out with the wedding party to hit da club... in Tulsa... it was hilarious. And then at about 8:00am the next morning, aka the wedding day, I realized that the tequila shots and cosmos weren't the best idea... But the show must go on! And it did. We all jumped into action and did what the warboard told us to do, and by the grace of God it all came together. I'll do a "before and after" post later, but for now I will just show you some pictures from the best day of my life:
Me walking down the aisle to "Somebody to Love" by Queen

us taking our vows. I LOVE how the arch turned out!

again with the vows... notice the pompoms :)

Jonathan kissed the bride, and I got red lipstick all over him, haha!


The reception... I loved getting to see all of my high school friends! Jenks Pom Squad '03 reunion!

and I think this photo sums up the whole night. We all got to let go and have fun, no more stress! I love my mom in this picture! Total surrender!

And that is about all the blogging I can handle for tonight. The benadryl I took for my poison ivy is kicking in... I will post more pictures as they come to me. Thanks for looking!!



  1. I'm from broken arrow and have seen many weddings at dresser, but yours is definitely my favorite! I love what you did with the arch! Can't wait to see more pictures!

  2. i really love you getaway dress....have big problems to find a cool dress here in switzerland. I always think about yours and after month of searching similar dresses i'm kind of desperate...