Tuesday, April 27, 2010

it's the final countdown...

2 months to go!!! Let the count down commence!!!!
Honestly, I can't believe it is coming up so fast. When we got engaged we had practically an entire year until the wedding, and now two months?? Where does the time go? And for those of you that know me well, you know that I am just a bit of a procrastinator, so it is officially panic mode. It's going to be ok though. I workbest under pressure. Just like a diamond, right?
Anywho, I came across this invitation suite today and I just had to share it. I love the colors, the calligraphy, the die-cut, everything. I think that if there was one thing I could be better at, it would be calligraphy. It sounds kind of lame, but so does knitting, and I love knitting. I have the hobbies of an 89 year old woman...

Oh, and the invitations are coming along nicely ever since I found this font:

I was totally stuck in a rut before I found this. I hated everything I was making, and just couldn't get the "feel" right. I really like this font in these colors. They make me think of a spring picnic, which is kind of what our wedding will be like.

In other wedding news, my mom is awesome! She is doing all of the leg work forme back in Oklahoma, since obviously I can't be there all the time. She has become an ebay expert/addict, and is truly the one responsible for making this wedding a reality. This is the latest project she is attempting to tackle:

Aren't they loverly?! I love how the bright green moss looks against the pure white of the milkglass. Thanks momma, you're the bestest!


blogspot is freaking out on me, and the formatting is all messed up. please forgive the random double-spacing and font change. thanks!


  1. I totally saw that pink ribbon cake on MarthaStewart.com and thought of you, then I'm looking at your blog and there it is! Crazy!

  2. Found an AMAZING stationery website and thought you could use them for inspiration www.riflepaperco.com.