Tuesday, April 6, 2010


i have been having all sorts of dreams about the upcoming wedding. some at night while i sleep, some during the day at work, while i drive, when i work out, right before i go to sleep, right when i wake up, and i assume you are getting the point :). not all of them are good though. i have even had a few of those dreams when it's like your late for a final, but in my case i'm late/ not prepared for the wedding. it makes me all sweaty..... but most of the time i just get these flashes or snapshots of what i imagine that day to look like, or a surge of emotions just thinking about walking down the aisle or having our first dance. i get goose bumps just typing it... AHHHH, i can't wait!!!
so for this post i am going to try and give you a little peak inside my head. don't be scared... it's a happy place. these pictures are my attempts to portray all of my wedding daydreams... enjoy!

my shout out to Don and Betty Draper. I love this picture, but i assure you, our marriage will be NOTHING like theirs...
{via amctv.com}

and here is my shout out to Blair and Chuck. yes, it's true. my guilty pleasure (well, one of them) is Gossip Girl.

and one more shout out!
i love 500 days of summer, and i love that jonathan loves it. this was his favorite scene from the movie. he said he like that scene because it showed perfectly how it felt when he was falling in love with me. that "floating on cloud 9" sorta of thing. awww, he loves me. and hall and oats.

ok, i know that was a lot to handle. but maybe now you understand why i am SOOOOOO excited to marry the love of my life, and to do it surrounded by all of my favorite people. it's gonna be awesome.


{PS all images were found via weheartit.com unless otherwise noted}

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