Friday, January 15, 2010

more loverly finds...

i can't seem to tear myself away from the computer lately. i just keep finding new and wonderful things that lead me to more new and wonderful things. someone stop me! here is my absolute favorite thing that i came across today, i give you tom palumbo's beautiful images of Parisians in 1962:

don't you wish you were there?! sometimes i feel like i should have lived in the 1960's, but then i remember the whole oppression of females thing and i am grateful to be right where i am :).
all of these images are from tom palumbo's flickr. there are TONS of beautiful photographs there. check it out!

and then just a couple of minutes ago i came across this picture, and it makes me want a gigantic bouquet of hydrangeas for the wedding! l-o-v-e...

{picture via frolic}

ok, time to get serious. no more aimless internet searching before i get those darn save the dates done! jonathan and i spent a large chunk of last weekend at kinko's trying to finish them, and i am just not happy. i might be back to square 1... ugh. i mean, how can i not aim higher after seeing these today? too bad i don't have the resources or the patience for something like that...

alright all, have a fantastic weekend! bisous!

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