Friday, January 8, 2010

home for the holidays...

i'm back from a week long, and much needed break! jonathan and i got to spend the first week of 2010 with our families, and it was the best way i can imagine to start the new year. we were supposed to be busy with wedding stuff, but somehow we didn't really get much accomplished in oklahoma. hmmm... the save the dates are still not completed, and we still haven't confirmed a guest list, but we've got six months... plenty of time. right? we did, however, pick out a tux for jonathan and his groomsmen. so thats something.

christmas was great, although it didn't really feel like christmas. jonathan had to work at the hospital, and i spent the day napping, reading, and knitting. but we did get to open presents after jonathan got off work. jonathan got me this awesome camera, and i am totally obsessed with it! here are a few shots i took back in oklaHOMEa:

and meet our (well, my parent's) new puppy, Penny!

she is adorable, and she is going to be a giant. my mom wants her to be the ring bearer at the wedding. jury is still out on that one...

ok, well this weekend will officially be the finish-the-save-the-dates weekend. i'll be sure to post the final product. although, after seeing these guys i am re-thinking the whole design...
you can see some more pictures of them on promise tangeman's blog. she is a fabulous designer, and her blog is a great source of inspiration.

ok, that's all for now. we'll talk soon! bisous!

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  1. o o o aren't those save the dates amazing!? I just saw those the other day and almost fainted! I can't wait to see what you end up doing! I know it will be fabulous....

    p.s. Im jealous that you have that camera, very very jealous :(