Friday, January 22, 2010

adorable wedding ideas...

as usual i have been scanning any and all wedding websites for the ultimate wedding inspiration. a couple of days ago i came across this, and seriously almost started crying:

how great is that?!? i love the idea of a video save the date, its cheaper and more environmentally friendly than paper ones. too bad we don't own a video camera...

and then today i found this adorable wedding in London. my absolute favorite part of that wedding is the bridesmaids outfits:

i think its the sequins and the tights that does it for me. for awhile i really REALLY wanted to wear tights with my wedding dress, but i think they might be a bit hot for an almost July wedding. and i would feel bad making my bridesmaids suffer. :)

ok, thats all for now. the save the dates are STILL on the to-do list. blah.


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