Saturday, December 19, 2009

oh christmas tree...

i love christmas time. our little home feels so much more "home-y" with lights and a tree. here are just a few pictures i took of our cute little house.

i realize it looks a little creepy in this picture, but i promise its cute.

here is our $30 Fred Meyer tree, complete with pompom tree topper :)

one night i became fixated on origami cranes, and decided to make a little garland out of them. i love how it turned out.

this little poster came from the designsponge website. i printed it out, had kinkos mount it for me and then i hung it in the window. i lurve it.

on another note, i finally finished my first ever screen printing project! i was able to do half of this project during a class in a fancy schmancy studio, and the other have was done in our basement. a couple of weeks ago, jonathan helped me set up a make-shift studio downstairs, and was SO gracious to give up half of his workout room for my screen printing stuff... he is great. here is the finished product!


These were done for the capitol hill coop preschool. The little boy i nanny for goes to this school, and his mom/my boss asked me to make these as a class gift. Claire, my boss, got me everything i needed to set up my own studio, and as i trade i made these! i as SO happy with how they turned out. especially as my first project. but certainly not the last. i have already started designing our invitations, and hopefully after the new year i will be able to start printing them! so excited!

okie doke, time to get ready for a christmas party. until next time... bisous!

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  1. Great pics of the bag. I have had a lot of compliments from the parents - so well done!