Tuesday, December 15, 2009


now that i don't have to worry about a dress or shoes, i have turned my attention to how i want my hair and face to look on The Day. i think i have decided to keep my bangs down for the ceremony, and then put'em back for the reception. i have a feeling there will be lots of dancing people at the reception, and i'm sure it will get a little warm in there. it doesn't matter who you are, no one looks good with sweaty bangs...
i have been surfing the internets, all of them, and here are some looks i am diggin' so far:

1) Mischa Barton. i know she is a little crazy, but there is no denying her great style.
i am not a perfectionist, and i don't like my hair to be perfect. i am a huge fan of messy looking hair.

2) Ashley Olsen. she is gorgeous.
i love that she has tin cans in her hair, just like the good ole days... the makeup in this one is loverly.
i love braids!

3) Zooey Deschanel, duh. she was the reason i got bangs in the first place, and every time i go to the hair dresser i tell her to "make me look like zooey."

again with the braids!

i love the sweet softness of this look.

and this! so natural, and retro at the same time.

just plain delightful.

those are my style muses.

but, even with all of those great looks part of me just wants to put my hair in a ponytail...

until next time, bisous!

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