Friday, December 4, 2009

looks for the groom...

i know that my blog has been primarily about me and my looks and ideas for the wedding, but i would like to turn my attention to jonathan and what he will be wearing on our big day. i am a huge fan of the sartorialist, it is by far the most fashionable blog out there. because of that fact, i have turned to them for help in finding a look suitable (pun intended) for jonathan to wear to the wedding. here are my top pics so far:

the grey suit, very don draper
(via ruffledblog)

the khaki suit, with loafers and no socks. causal swank
(via the sartorialist)

and i LOVE shorter pants with no socks or patterened socks. i don't know if i could talk jonathan into it though...
(via ruffledblog)

our next trip to Tulsa will involve some suit shopping. lets hope Tulsa has something stylish to offer. we shall see...


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  1. Just read an article which talks about the origins of this current style for men. Interesting :)