Sunday, June 13, 2010

2 weeks to go...

well, the end of my Shotts days are approaching. I am so anxious, nervous, stressed, and happy all at the same time. This time in my life has also made me very nostalgic. My mom asked me to get some photos together for a little slide show we are having at the wedding. So I got out my external hard drive and started sifting through all of my pictures from college and beyond. I have to admit, I got a little teary-eyed at times. After college you lose touch with a lot of people, even though you created such a strong bond in those four years. So, because of my sentimental mood I have decided to share a few of my favorite memories with you...
i really miss crepes! (which is probably why my face looks so round in all of my europe pictures.. hehe. totally worth it.)

so clever. i'm sure i am the only one ever to do that...

one of our very first pictures together. This was taken on the roof of Aspen Coffee Co. (the coffee shop i worked at in downtown Stillwater)

our first thanksgiving together. We used to coordinate outfits.

the pigeons in venice. scary and awesome at the same time. I think this picture was taken literally right after I got off the phone with my mom. I promised her I would stay away from birds. She was afraid of the bird flu.

me, hannah, and kate. We were pretty much inseparable.

giant wood shoe in amsterdam.

random night at Aspen with some of my favorite AspenHeads.

Katelyn, Julie, and Kasey came to visit me in London.

these were some of my bestest friends in college. miss them.

Sometimes I forget that I'm not in college anymore. And then I feel old. College was awesome. I am definitely not one of those people who will forever chase their college life. I mean, I am so glad and thankful for my experiences and I will cherish the memories, but life has only gotten better since then. I am about to marry the man of my dreams, and I wouldn't trade anything for what we have. Oh gosh, I better stop before I get too mushy... So to all of my college friends (if any of you read this) I love you and miss you, and hope life is well for you. And, you should totally all be at my wedding and help me throw the biggest dance party known to man!



  1. oh, i totally will! and, i expect dirt in a cup to be the desert.

  2. that picture of our pudding mustaches makes me so happy. i'm glad i was included in your pictures of good memories. you will forever be in mine.