Friday, March 12, 2010

operation; make house a home...

well hello there. this week has been wonderful. i have had a little time off from work, and i have focused my energy on making our house feel like a home. we have been living in this house since last june, and it felt and looked like we just moved in. we had nothing on the walls, there was no color or personality and it was driving me bonkers! but now, all of that has changed, hip hip hooray!
now, mind you, we are on a pretty tight budget right now with all of the upcoming trips, and the wedding, duh. so i had to get a little creative and re-invent some things that had been nestled away in our basement. i finally got around to framing some prints i got from etsy, and i cut some pictures out of books and had them framed too. i spray-painted random things i got from markets and thrift stores, and i bought 2 plants! they are the very first plants i have ever bought in my life, and i am kind of scared. i feel bad for them, because i will undoubtedly find a way to kill them, accidentally of course. but for now they are a loverly addition, and bring a little life to our home.
so enough talk, here are some picture i took with my new macbook pro! not the greatest quality photos, but hey, who cares...

as you can see, i am REALLY excited about the changes. maybe a little too excited...

i got some new curtains that i am still on the fence about. they are growing on me though.

and the funny little nook finally got some attention. we still have no idea why this nook is here. i have dreams of making it a cushy/comfy reading room, but for now it is the record player nook.

so yeah, like i said, not the best pictures. but you get the point. right?

and in other news, we got our first gift from our registry today! so exciting! but now this means i have to start "thank you" notes. A small price to pay for people buying you things that you really want... a price i will happily pay :)

and one last note. i LOVE LOVE LOVE these flowers:

and i LOOOOOVE these colors. and her dress. and her flowers.

alright, now time to go hang out with my future sister-in-law who is visiting us from oklahoma! yeah! Bisous!

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