Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 for the win!

oh my goodness this year has flown by. Jonathan and I had a big year, and I am so excited to see what next year will bring. Since Tomorrow marks the last day of 2010 I thought it would be be a great opportunity to review some of the great things that happened to us... here it goes!

In March Jonathan and I took our annual trip Portland to celebrate the day we met/started dating. (yes, they both happened on the same day :)) The Ace Hotel is our go to place. It's great.

On that same trip I discovered my favorite little building ever!

In April we went to the Tulip Festival just outside of Seattle. It was cold, but really pretty!

In May some of my best girlfriends and I went to Vegas for my bachelorette party! Much fun was had. Wish I could say more, but as you know what happens in Vegas...

Just a few weeks after that my best friend got married on the beach in Mexico.

When I got back from that it was time to prepare for my own wedding. Jonathan and I got to spend a lot of time with family and friends. It was so much fun even Biker Fox stopped by our pre-wedding party...

Then, on June 26th we got hitched! YEAH!!!!!

Next came our honeymoon. It was an unforgettable trip, and we can not wait to go back!

After our 3 week honeymoon, it was back to work. And luckily for me that meant riding the ducks with the cutest little boy known to man :)

This Thanksgiving my mom, brother, and sister made a last minute trip to Seattle. Seattle decided to open the skies and pour down snow for their trip. I love how our house looks covered in snow...

And sadly after that, it was time to say goodbye to some of my favorite people on the planet. My nanny family went back to South Africa, but not before some quality time was had with the little bunny.

I now work for Anthropologie, and Jonathan and I are fixing to move to another place. I am a little sad to say goodbye to our first little nest, but excited for the future. We our downsizing so we can save more money to travel and adventure more. So hopefully by the end of next year I can blog about our exciting trip to South Africa, and maybe Australia. Oh, and maybe even the success of my new online print shop (coming January 2011!)

So there you have it, our year summed up. Here's to closing chapters, opening new ones, and moving forward with excitement and ambition! Salut!


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  1. We miss you so much and look forward to showing you our little bit of Africa in 2011!